Occurs on Friday October 26 2018

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Massey Theatre
735 Eighth Avenue
New Westminster British Columbia V3M 2R2

Performance Notes

× The Hungarian National Dance Ensemble (Magyar Nemzeti Táncegyüttes), in its original form, was established in 1949 and has been touring the World with significant success. Under the recent artistic direction of the decorated choreographer, Zoltán Zsuráfszky, successful productions mesmerized North American audiences with the Kodály Folk Dance Ensemble, The CSÁRDÁS - The Tango of the East, Gypsy Spirit - Journey of the Roma and the “Spirit of Hungary-1956” shows. The Ensemble recently completed a triumphant tour in Japan and in Transylvania. Their 2018 North American Tour is a special engagement to commemorate the 170th Anniversary of the historic 1848 Hungarian Revolution against the Austrian Habsburg Empire and present authentic Hungarian folklore in a dazzling performance. “THE SPIRIT OF FREEDOM” The first part of the show will feature contemporary and thematic dances commemorating the 1848 Hungarian Revolution, this event was a historic freedom fight, which eventually allowed significant social and economic changes in Europe, shaping the future for a turbulent 20th Century. Several of the leaders of this revolution also participated in the American Civil War and helped to formulate the modern American politics and society. The Ensemble’s choreography will pay homage to this historic event and will allow a glance into those historic times, when national identities began to be vital in the forming of nations in Europe, as we know them today. “Roots of Hungarian Dance Treasure” The second half of the program will feature authentic Hungarian folk music and dances from the Carpathian Basin. The roots of Hungarian dance culture dates back to Mediaeval times, and due to the Central European geographic location of Hungary, its folklore may be the most versatile among all cultures. It has influenced neighboring nations, but at the same time absorbed many forms of cultural jewels, but most importantly these expressions of authentic folklore have been well researched and scholarly documented. The Zsuráfszky’s choreographies and the superbly trained dancers and musicians are able to present on stage the authentic aura of a remote village environment which represents astonishing cultural treasures. Group rates call Ticket Centre 604 521 5050

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