Cut Loose! Fame, Flashdance, Footloose & The Musicals of The 1980s


Like an awesome ‘80s mixtape, the movie musicals of that era exploded with an energized blast of eclectic styles. From provocative new spins on the traditional musical form, adaptations of Broadway shows and comic strips, to the kinetically punchy images and infectious pop sounds of MTV’s music video influence, classic film scholar Michael van den Bos goes back to the eighties for a retro revue clip show of that decade’s big screen song and dance. Get ready to cut loose for foot loose fun! What a feeling…you’ll have the time of your life!

Guests can purchase two signature cocktails, “Dirty Dancing Martini” and “T. Cruise ‘Cocktail’ Cosmo,” created just for the event, in addition to other beverages and treats. Food and drinks are permitted in Studio 1B so feel free to enjoy your drink during the show. This event takes place in Performance Studio 1B.

Pre-order now as supplies are limited to ensure freshness and ultimate deliciousness.

Event Details