Anvil Theatre Presents: Bunny

Presented by Anvil Theatre
A Search Party Production

From the newly formed company, The Search Party, comes Hannah Moscovitch’s Bunny. First produced at The Cultch in 2022, Bunny was nominated for 8 Jessie Richardson Awards and won 4 including Best Performance by a Leading Actor and Best Production. Moving from object towards agent, Sorrel discovers the power of her own desire. Armed only with Victorian Literature and an unconventional upbringing, she struggles to find her way. With Bunny, Moscovitch, dives into societal inhibitions, desire and sex. This Western Canada Premiere stars Emma Slipp.

This play has sexual content and is recommended for mature audiences.

Event Details

Preview: Feb 8: 7:30 PM Feb 9 7:30 PM Feb 10: 2 PM & 7:30 PM Feb 11: 7:30 PM Feb 15: 7:30 PM Feb 16: 7:30 PM Feb 17: 2 PM & 7:30 PM Feb 18: 7:30 PM