NWSS Spring Dance Show!

NWSS Dance Presents Spring 2022 Dance Shows!

Lost in the Jungle

Our Senior dancers have created our own dance interpretation of the recent Jumanji movies. Our characters begin their story in detention, considering how they ended up in this predicament. After finding an old, dusty video game console, the students escape detention only to find themselves trapped inside the video game as Ace McSwift, Penelope Silencio, Dr. Hertzel Watts. They must dance their way through the jungle game levels in order to make it back home.

In another dance interpretation of a popular movie, our Junior dancers perform “A Night at the Museum”. When the janitors close up the museum for the night, you’ll be amazed by the magical characters that come to life and dance through the exhibits after dark!

Join us for a great show with excitement, energy, great music, and the incredible talents of the NWSS Dance students!

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