Outside/In FREE PERFORMANCE: Northern Canada- The New North Collective

The New North Collective (NNC) is an ensemble of performing artists from the Yukon and Northwest Territories. This concert will feature singer/songwriter Diyet from the Kluane First Nation, Nanavik’s Sylvia Cloutier (throat singer/drum dancer), Carmen Braden from Yellowknife (piano and vocals) Graeme Peters (guitar and vocals), Bob Hamilton (steel pedal guitar & mandolin), Selena Savage from Yukon (trombone) and North Vancouver’s Eric Redd (guitar, bass, and mandolin).

The New North Collective came together in 2015 after the artists had performed together in various configurations at events and festivals over the years. This is an art installation where the pieces of music are curated from the message of north, and the value of this message. It is current, traditional, and thought provoking for diverse audiences.

This show is FREE but tickets are limited so don’t delay!

About Outside/In

The Outside/In Canadian Performance Series is a special presentation occurring between January and March 2023 and will feature national performing artists from across Canada. The series is made possible with a grant from the Department of Canada Heritage (Celebration and Commemoration Program). As part of the series, we will be offering six live theatre performances, an outdoor street social event featuring local music and cultural groups, and a promotional campaign to encourage attendees to support local businesses and restaurants. These activities will increase opportunities for Canadians to participate in various commemorative activities and celebrations to mark Canada’s emergence from the COVID-19 pandemic. The project will support the revival of local economies through in-person events. All events, including the professional theatre performances, will have free access for the community.

This series has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada. Ce projet a été rendu possible en partie grâce au gouvernement du Canada.

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