Sinatra for Connoisseurs

Sinatra for Connoisseurs
A Frank Sinatra Appreciation Event

150 minutes (includes 15-minute intermission)

In the pantheon of preeminent 20th-century pop vocalists, one name remains king of the hill, top of the heap: FRANK SINATRA.  With his ability to easily swivel between swinging songs of rapturous romance and living large to the moody blues of love lost and existential ennui, Sinatra mastered the art of lyrical expression . . . and he was an excellent Academy Award-winning actor, too!  In this presentation, classic film scholar MICHAEL VAN DEN BOS (the biggest “Old Blue Eyes” fan you’ll likely meet) offers a ring-a-ding ding review of the Sinatra style.  Featuring curated clips of “The Chairman of the Board” performing in classic films and vintage television shows that reinforce what Dean Martin said about his buddy: “It’s Frank’s world; we just live in it.”

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